Good as hell, sorta.

Our house got hit with illness over the weekend, with my husband coming down with the strep and the toddler with a tummy bug. So far they’ve kept their germs to themselves, although I’m not sure how optimistic I am that I won’t end up with strep, too. They’re both on the mend, but I’ve been homebound with the two kids for a full 48 hours now and panic is starting to set in. I spent at least 36 of those hours doing continuous laundry, because I had ignored our regular laundry for at least a week, plus the extra laundry from one family member repeatedly vomiting in bed (is there anything sadder than a baby getting sick at 2 am? He really had no clue what was going on) and another breaking a fever (again, in the middle of the night).

To make the whole situation sadder, as if having a sick baby isn’t sad enough, I had planned to take the boys on an overnight to San Antonio with my mom to do Fun Stuff (the zoo and children’s museum). I’d really been looking forward to it, and having to cancel last minute was a real bummer. On the flip side, the weather wasn’t looking great and you know what’s worse than a last minute change of plans? Scrubbing puke out of a carseat.

also on the menu this week: super hero muffins from Run Fast. and salmon + zucchini noodles from Paleo Power Bowls

So this morning I made an extra cup of coffee and ordered groceries to be delivered (God bless grocery delivery) while the boys binge watched Sesame Street. I just got a copy of Cook Once, Eat All Week, so that at least had me a tiny bit excited to make dinner (when I’d assumed I’d be eating Mexican food on the River Walk). I don’t often buy cookbooks I haven’t at least flipped through beforehand, but I kept seeing this one mentioned in various unrelated places and the concept (of meal prepping by making big batches of a few components that you use throughout the week) was one I could get behind. Everything is gluten free but not low FODMAP so I knew I’d probably have to modify or skip a few recipes altogether. I made the chicken fried rice from week 1 tonight and it was good; easy to throw together and I’d definitely make it again.

In between making coffee and ordering groceries, I watched a snail crawl across my kitchen window. When I checked on him again, a friend had joined him. When I checked again, they were both gone. The fact that I notice these things and that it delights me in any way is quite a surprise. When I was in high school, my dad took a 10 minute video of a hummingbird moth, which he’d never seen before and thought was the strangest thing (and this was way before camera phones, so picture my dad standing in our front yard with a camcorder, zooming in and out) and it was the biggest joke to us. My mom, while not the type to bust out the video camera, would always point out pretty birds in the backyard, which was vaguely annoying to me. She’d say, “Look, a robin!” And I’d respond, “oh, cool” while thinking, Why does she care? and being annoyed she’d interrupted whatever Very Important thought I was having.

Probably my parents knew, as I do now, that unlike childhood and adolescence, adulthood brings far fewer things that fall into the categories of Delightful and Unexpected. That when you can stop for a second and watch a snail slide across a window pain you can forget all the less than fun parts of parenthood, like having to clean up vomit and the emotional labor of remembering to do the laundry before everyone runs out of underwear. And, reader, I have to tell you that I even attempted to take a video of my snail friend and his journey across the window, but my camera was more interested in focusing on the backyard, and not the magic happening on the other side of the glass. (Sorry, Dad, for thinking you were being dorky 20 years ago. I get it now.)

The toddler took a decent nap, at least, during which I got the kitchen cleaned up and played around in my journal. I’m wrapping up Tammi Salas’ The Proof of Life Project class, which has been wonderful, and has given me some new creative practices to play around with (like pulling a daily card; this is from the Inquire Within deck from Worthwhile Paper). I’m starting a new notebook on July 1 (which is both my birthday and the halfway point of the year) and I’m a little antsy for the fresh start.

In other news, I (finally) got Airpods at the end of last week and now that I’ve figured out how to use them (I don’t adapt as well to new technology as I used to, which is… startling), they’re changing my life. Perfect in equal measure for tuning out children and blasting Lizzo while cleaning the kitchen.

It’s been a Very Long Day which means it’s time to wash my face, drink a Topo Chico, read/ knit (currently reading Meet Cute by Helena Hunting which is just okay, and trucking along on my Find Your Fade), and try to come up with new and novel ways to entertain my kids tomorrow, without leaving the house or letting them OD on screen time.

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