Week in Review/ 3

This week was long and weird. A holiday on Monday + “snow” day on Tuesday + bad weather delay on Wednesday. By the time we got to Thursday it felt like a Tuesday but I also wanted it to be Friday because I just couldn’t anymore.

The Boys

E is definitely going a bit nuts with all the cold weather we’ve been having (he actually told me he pulled a girl’s hair at school because “we didn’t get to go outside,” which was a little too self-aware for my taste), but still making progress in settling into his new school (hair pulling aside).

I made L laugh for the first time Saturday night and then he rolled over on Sunday morning. Love these sweet milestones! Unfortunately neither have been duplicated but I’m going to keep trying (especially the laughing one, because who doesn’t love baby giggles).

L has also apparently progressed to the “stranger danger” phase. We had a family playdate with our friends/neighbors (their middle child is E’s BFF) on Saturday evening and L had no interest in being held by anyone other than his own mama and daddy (even though he totally fell asleep in the dad’s arms the last time we were over there). He’s still okay with our doula, (thank goodness, because #velcrobaby) though that may have something to do seeing her more often or still being at home when she’s holding him.

Peaceful Preschool

We did nothing. Maybe this week? The key is having everything prepped ahead of time and ready to go.


I had planned on making it to Stroller Strides 3 times but I felt it was too cold for the baby on Monday and Friday ended up being an indoor class due to the weather (I’d have a really hard time making it to the indoor location in time for class). I did make it to class on Saturday morning, as planned, even if it wasn’t quite as nice as I was hoping it would be. I had to cut out a few minutes early because L wanted to eat, but it was still a good workout. My abs are still on vacation (somewhere warm and sunny, maybe?), but I’m gradually feeling a tiny bit more in shape. Honestly, it’s more about the endorphins right now than anything else. Not working out, as I’ve discovered this week, makes me feel a bit bananas. I’m feeling discouraged that I won’t make my 218 workouts in 2018, which is kinda silly because the end of the year is still a very long way away.

The Artist’s Way

I did Morning Pages 5/7 days, which is way more than I thought I did. Still not 7, but better than nothing. I read the chapter and found it very eye-opening, but again, did not manage to complete any of the tasks or go on an Artist’s Date.


I finished Simplicity Parenting and am now going to recommend it to everyone I know. Honestly, it was a huge eye-opener for me and I am fully committed to simplifying our home life (mostly in terms of clutter, and specifically kid-clutter, though we could make improvements in meal times and general routine). E has far too many toys and books and the unconscious feeling of overwhelm might be the root of some of his less desirable behavior (I mean, he’s 4, but there’s always room for improvement). The idea of going through all of this stuff is overwhelming to me, which should have probably been an indication to me sooner. I’m not sure when it’s going to get done, but I’m committing to just doing what I can, when I can, even if it’s for 5 minutes at a time.

I started The White Album by Joan Didion. (Related: if you haven’t watched the Joan Didion documentary on Netflix, you need to.)

I also got caught up on This is Us one night when the baby was super cranky and just wanted to be held. I started watching the show because of Milo Ventimiglia (Rory and Jess forever), but now I’m in it for Sterling K. Brown. If This is Us ever ends (which it probably won’t), I want a spin-off of just Randall and Beth’s family.

Other Stuff

I finally finished my Beyond Puerperium for L. I finished knitting it the night before my water broke, and then it took me ages to weave in the ends, buy buttons, and sew them on. I needed to finish it before he outgrew it!

I got rid of 4 storage containers of maternity and baby clothes at my birth center’s swap on Saturday. I didn’t find anything other than a box of Legos I scored for E, which was almost better because I got rid of a ton of stuff without bringing in anything new.


Not a bad week meal-wise considering everything else that was going on.

Monday- honey sriracha meatballs (I accidentally made these with meat that was a few days past the use by date and then spent several hours paranoid I’d given us food poisoning, but everything turned out fine)

Tuesday- taco salad (a throwback from my childhood: black beans, lettuce, tomato, and cheese over Fritos and topped with Catalina dressing– for sure not the healthiest dinner but it’s pretty tasty)

Wednesday- vegetarian chili

Thursday- gluten-free fish sticks (one of the few convenience meals I can eat right now!) with green beans (and macaroni and cheese for E)

Friday- take out

Saturday- take out fajitas

Sunday- probably chicken, rice, and veggies with honey mustard sauce

The Week Ahead

Finding the bottom of the laundry basket, I hope.

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