Week in Review/ 2

This week was our new normal and we all survived. I think.

The Boys

E is doing well at his new school, and learning a lot! One afternoon he started talking to me about India, South America, islands, and oceans. I’ve also noticed he’s become more orderly, pushing his chair in when he gets up from the table and much more likely to put something away when he’s done using it. I regret not switching him to a Montessori sooner!

After too many rough mornings getting out the door, I nixed screen time during the week. Typically, he’s played games on daddy’s phone in the morning and then watched a few episodes of something after school. That’s more screen time than I’m comfortable with as it is, and it was obvious to me that it was really impacting his behavior. So we went cold-turkey and it’s been fine. He still asks (sometimes multiple times) to watch TV after school, but doesn’t argue when I say no. Instead, we read a lot of books (usually the same one over and over, which drives me a bit bananas since we have easily 300 picture books) and he helps with L (E loves to spray water on the cloth wipes for diaper changes, and also likes to wipe the “poo poo” off of the baby). We also do something one-on-one once L goes down for a nap (whenever he decides that is).

When we have some time just the two of us, we’ve been doing craft projects like I mentioned last week, or sticker activity books. E is OBSESSED with sticker activity books, and they are actually a little bit hard to find. My godmother gave him one over the Christmas break that was right up his alley (I’ve already forgotten the theme of it, but I think it was farm animals?). Turns out it was from the Target dollar spot, and I was happy to find 3 more besides the one he already did. He whips through them really fast, so I’m glad they were just $1. We did two this week, plus a Kumon Science sticker activity book. The science book is similar to the Kumon Step-by-Step sticker books (Trains, Planes and More / At the Zoo) I found about a year ago that he loved. He had no interest in the pages that were matching games or mazes, but fortunately, the book is mostly sticker pages (with a few coloring pages that he did want to complete). I wish there were more of these because I’d probably buy them, even though they are a little expensive considering how fast he goes through them.

E also had his four-year-old well check this week and it was kind of hilarious how uncooperative he was. The nurse only managed to get his weight, not his height, and he had no interest in participating in the hearing or vision tests. Despite the obstinance, he was given a clean bill of health.

L is still obsessed with his shark toy and gnawing on his hands. He seems to have fallen into a routine for nighttime sleep, at least. He will go down between 7 and 8, depending on when he woke up from his last nap. If I dream feed him before I go to bed between 10 and 11, he will typically sleep til 4 or 5, and then until 7 or so. Still working on daytime sleep, but I think getting a consistent nap routine down will help.

The Peaceful Preschool

I gave E the “A” page to watercolor one day after school and he promptly flipped it over and did a wonderful watercolor on the back. ha! I still want to continue doing activities based on this curriculum but am working on figuring out exactly what that looks like. I had other stuff planned for this week that didn’t happen for various reasons (mostly time).


Finally! I made it to Stroller Strides Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. My muscles were screaming but it felt good. The baby usually fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of class if he wasn’t already asleep, which was awesome because he hates the car seat and I was worried he would scream the whole time I was trying to work out. I had planned to go to yoga on Saturday but didn’t make it; I think I just have to give up on any group exercise that isn’t first thing in the morning. It’s too hard to get out of the house at a specific time after that.

The Artist’s Way

I read the chapter. I did Morning Pages 4 out of 7 days. I did zero of the tasks, even though a few of them sounded fun. I did not go on an Artist Date. I’m tempted to call it quits because if I’m not doing the tasks and I really doing The Artist’s Way? But I think I’m going to keep going.


I finished Dan Rather’s What Unites Us. It was nice to read something that acknowledged the dumpster fire that is the current political climate in our country while still striking an uplifting tone.

I started Simplicity Parenting, which I’ve been meaning to read for literally years. We definitely need to do some simplifying around here and I’m hoping I’ll come away with some inspiration for making this a more child-centered home.

We watched the first episode of David Letterman’s new show on Netflix, and it was good. If you’re missing Obama, it’s a must-watch.

Other Stuff

My postpartum doula came Friday morning which is always so helpful. L is a bit of a Velcro baby (thankfully he doesn’t seem to mind if I’m not the one holding him), but between the two of us we were able to get so much done. Of course, by this evening (Sunday), I was feeling completely disorganized again.

I’ve been slowly cleaning out the closet in the nursery, which still had a bunch of E’s stuff (mostly outgrown clothes). I also organized and bagged up all of my maternity clothes and everything L has outgrown (how is that possible?). Most of it is going to my birth center’s swap in a couple of weeks. I’m thrilled to be getting this stuff out of my house.

We went to Ikea on Sunday (I hate that store) and bought two Kallax units and a bunch of baskets for the play room. I can’t wait to get that assembled and begin the great toy purge of 2018.


I did a small Sunday meal prep with mixed results. I made two batches of muffins, one for E and one for me. I didn’t care for mine and he didn’t seem crazy about his, either. I also made roasted sweet potato, chickpea and kale salad bowls with more success.

Monday- Husband had a work thing and I ate leftovers

Tuesday- taco bowls (ground turkey, lettuce, Spanish rice, avocado, corn; normally I add pico, too, but I forgot it at the store)

Wednesday- Thai slaw with shredded chicken

Thursday- Husband had a work thing, I had take out

Friday- chicken tortilla soup, sort of I started with this recipe from Dinner: A Love Story, but didn’t want to bother frying up tortillas, I didn’t have a jalapeno, and I can’t have any of the fun toppings like sour cream and cheese. I cooked the garlic and onion and added the tomato paste, then added 4 cups of chicken broth (5 seemed like more than we would need), some frozen corn (because it was looking like very sad soup), and about 2.5 cups of shredded chicken that was already in the fridge. We had avocado on top and it was not bad and probably the easiest dinner I made all week.

Saturday- sushi

Sunday- chicken and veggie stir fry with ginger maple sauce

The Week Ahead

Honestly, I don’t even know.

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