2018 Goals + One Little Word

My One Little World for 2018 is gentle.

I need to be gentle with myself as I recover from pregnancy. I need to be a gentle mama to my boys. I need to set gentle goals because however much I want to accomplish, I’m in a season of life that doesn’t allow for much accomplishing.

And so, my gentle goals:

1. Complete The Artist’s Way. I’m in a Facebook group that’s starting the book on January 1. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to keep up. I like doing Morning Pages but it is a time commitment and that’s hard with a newborn who’s not yet on a predictable schedule.

2. Workout 218 times. I shamelessly stole this from Rebecca. I worked out like, 5 times total in 2017 (thanks, pregnancy).  I felt really strong before I got pregnant and I really want to get back to that place. So, I’m hoping to fit in as many Stroller Strides and yoga classes as possible. I’m most motivated to work out in group fitness settings, but if I need to squeeze in some at home workouts, I might learn to use the water rower.

3. Read 52 books. I have no idea how many books I read last year. It’s been awhile since I tracked them effectively. I have a giant TBR pile in my head.

4. Write in the margins. I want to declare some awesome writing goal, like write 52 essays! write a book! But let’s be realistic. I read this blog post a few days ago and it really hit home. There’s still time, and for now, I can write in the in-between.

5. Go to the beach as many times as possible. Always.

6. Figure out what’s next. Do I want to go back to freelance writing? Use my library degree? Something else entirely? I want to have some sort of career for myself beyond raising my boys, I’m just not sure what it is. I hope to figure it out this year.

7. Complete The Peaceful Preschool curriculum with E. He’s in a Montessori preschool 5 days a week, so I’m not using this as a curriculum, per se, but more as a way to be intentional about one-on-one time with him and reinforcing what he’s learning at school. Plus, we may homeschool in the future, so this is a way for me to test the waters in a very low-key way.

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