The Week in Review

The last week of summer, and it was kind of a long one. We had our first (and probably not last) visit to Kiddie Acres, a vintage amusement park in North Austin that couldn’t be more perfect for the preschool crowd. There was also preschool open house, art class at Imagine That, a few Stroller Strides classes, and E’s first gymnastics class (definitely underestimated the parent participation portion of that…).



turkey bolognese / BLT Salad this is literally my favorite thing right now; some of the measurements are missing but the non-obvious ones are 2 Tbsp vinegar and 2 Tbsp olive oil / lemon bars


E is loving the batch of cloud dough I made


She Poured Out Her Heart by Jean Thompson for book club; it was really slow to start. I’m about halfway and am now invested in the story, but still not sure how much I actually like it.


A knit snake, still, after having to rip it back due to my inability to read patterns


Nothing worth noting, though I have a bunch of drafts I’m looking forward to working on this week.


We watched The Big Short (streaming on Netflix) and I finally understand the 2008 housing crisis / I’m newly converted to bullet journaling and digging Lune de Papier on YouTube / and Claire Marshall never disappoints


The new Bon Iver singles / podcasts from Freelance Writers Den

The week ahead

So looking forward to having a full day tomorrow (yay 3 day weekends) to grocery shop and (hopefully) get the house back in order while we gear up for a week spent settling into a new fall routine. Our weekly routine was completely tossed up in the air last week, but the change of pace + new schedule is definitely welcome.


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