August Goals

August is here and it’s going to be a bananas month. E’s school is closed, which means no regular childcare, which means I get to figure out how to work from home with no dedicated work time during the week. A friend and I are splitting a babysitter one morning, and hopefully, my MIL will come hang out with E at least once. So I’m not completely freaking out. Plus, the light at the end of the tunnel is E going to school 3 days a week in the fall. I think he’s ready, and I know I’m ready to make a little more progress on work goals. And, no school means we were able to squeeze in swim lessons (E’s first!) and a couple of really fun playdates (a bakery tour!). We also have three (three!) birthday parties to attend over the next two weekends.

Basically, a lot going on. So I’m not making any big plans, just trying to hang on and keep my head above water.

august goals


  • Evening routine + track it


  • Editor list


  • Edit, archive and print 2015 photos (Persnickety Prints is running a 50% off sale this week so that’s my motivation to get a couple of months done)

Just for Fun

  • Finish E’s knit snake
  • Studio Calico planner class


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