Best of July


July by the numbers:

  • 5 Stroller Strides classes taught
  • 3 day trips (Salado, New Braunfels, Dripping Springs)
  • 2 dirty chais from Bribery Bakery
  • 1 rooster puppet purchased for a chicken-obsessed little boy
  • 0 progress made on any of my goals for the month

Best use of time: Known was pretty amazing. It was the push I needed at the right time. And I started a critique group with some of the other women taking the workshop and I’m super thrilled to be building a supportive and inspiring community with them.

Best Amazon purchase: I bought a Hydro Flask and it’s worth every penny. I wish I had bought one sooner. It’s much bigger than any water bottle I’ve ever had (I got the 40-ounce wide mouth in mint) and actually keeps my water cold. I added the straw lid a few days ago; I haven’t had the chance to test it out during a workout but so far I’m pleased.

Best post-workout snack: Perfect Cookies.

Best any other time snack: red bell pepper strips, baby carrots, and guacamole.

Best of the Internet:

A Snapshot of a 21st-Century Librarian I love reading articles about librarianship and libraries that go beyond the stereotypes

How to Parent like a German Cultural differences in parenting fascinate me. Also, if my husband was offered a job in Berlin, I’d move in a heartbeat

“Make sure your kids get the benefits of sports and music and camp and community service. Oh, and chores. But make sure you don’t overschedule them. Make sure they have ample time for homework, and make sure you help them with their homework, but don’t help them too much with their homework. And make sure they get to bed early. But make room for family time.” The Maddening Mixed Messages We Give Moms

Breast-Feeding the Microbiome Science-y explanations for why breast milk is basically liquid gold

“Riding has taught me that although I can’t always change my body, I can change what I do with it.” I maybe be biased because she’s my cousin, but Loryn is an exceptional human being. I love her post on how riding a motorcycle has changed her relationship with her body. It’s an important message for, well, everyone.

Jenny Lawson is publishing a coloring book and it sounds awesome

“It’s not that I’m no longer capable of having my own thoughts, it’s just that there isn’t much room for them anymore amongst the checklists that keep me focused and keep my head above water so our family can stay afloat.” The Real Reason Mothers Feel Like They’ve Lost Themselves

The Psychological Benefits of Writing Regularly

“I’m still not convinced we’ve drawn the line between our responsibilities and our desires, as parents and as people, in the right spot.” Baby on Board

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